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ENA NetDefender, our on-demand DDoS mitigation and scrubbing service, proactively scans and analyzes your network for DDoS attacks. When an attack is detected, we reroute your traffic to one of our ENA NetDefender scrubbing centers, remove the malicious packets from your internet connection, and leave intact all desired traffic. Our 24x7x365 protection provides your community peace of mind and the following services:

  • Little to no latency or downtime during a DDoS attack
  • A team of ENA cybersecurity experts who constantly monitor and protect your network
  • Robust coverage, no matter the level of activity on your network
  • No intrusive, costly, or time-consuming hardware installations
  • Insurance against network outages
  • Increased network visibility and monitoring
  • Swift action before attack traffic clogs your Internet connection

How Our Service Works

NetDefender How Works Long Graphic
  1. Upon detection or notification of an attack, network traffic is rerouted through ENA’s advanced scrubbing platforms to mitigate the attack.
  2. Scrubbed traffic continues to flow to the customer with no interruption to Internet services.
  3. Scrubbing continues for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure the attack has concluded.

A trusted and experienced partner in network security

ENA’s engineering teams are continually testing and developing new methods of discovering and mitigating threats in today’s ever-changing network security landscape. Through sophisticated traffic pattern analysis and strategically placed active policies designed to deny known attack vectors, ENA can significantly limit attack traffic from hitting your network.

ENA expert engineering and customer support

ENA NetDefender includes the expert engineering assistance and excellent customer support you are accustomed to receiving from ENA. Our engineers will assist you in defining your needs and challenges, and they will work with you to successfully implement the managed service.
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Enhanced monitoring and reporting tools

ENA NetDefender’s monitoring and reporting tools provide you with the information and visibility you need to feel confident in your network’s overall performance and security.


*ENA NetDefender not available in all areas. Please check with your ENA account services manager to see if this service is available to you. 


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