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Detect and Mitigate DDoS Attacks

ENA NetDefender, our automatic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation and scrubbing service, proactively scans and analyzes your network for attacks. When an attack is detected, ENA NetDefender reroutes your traffic to one of our scrubbing centers, removes the malicious packets, and leaves intact all desired traffic.
Our 24x7x365 service includes:
  • Little to no latency or downtime during a DDoS attack
  • Robust coverage, no matter the level of activity on your network
  • Continuous traffic profiling to accurately identify trends and attacks
  • No intrusive, costly, or time-consuming hardware installation
  • Expert engineering support

How Our Service Works

  1. ENA proactively establishes normal network traffic patterns.
  2. The moment an attack is detected, malicious traffic is rerouted to a scrubbing center where the threat is removed—only legitimate traffic will pass.
  3. NetDefender analyzes, redirects, and scrubs individual IP addresses to mitigate disruption.
  4. Clean traffic is delivered on ENA IA services, eliminating the need for generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunneling
  5. After the attack ends, we return traffic to its original path.
NetDefender How Works Long Graphic

ENA expert engineering and customer support

ENA NetDefender includes the expert engineering assistance and excellent customer support you are accustomed to receiving from ENA. Our engineers will assist you in defining your needs and challenges, and they will work with you to successfully implement our managed service.

Ena Netdefender Illustration
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