ENA is excited to announce it has joined Zayo Group!

An All-Inclusive Threat Management Solution

ENA NetShield UTM is a scalable, cost-effective unified threat management solution that consolidates multiple security and network capabilities into a single, co-management and reporting service. Our service adds modern security features and updated reporting analytics to ENA’s recognized customer service and firewall services.

Features include geo-blocking policy making, intrusion protection, malware protection, application awareness, real-time dashboards, and more. Backed by industry-leading research and expertise, ENA NetShield UTM serves as your organization’s single point of defense against known and unknown threats.

Key Reasons Why You Should Consider ENA's Unified Threat Management Solution:

  • Simplify your security infrastructure by merging security and network functions
  • Gain critical visibility and control of your network with a co-management portal
  • Protect your network with continuously updated threat prevention intelligence

Take Control

Our web-based user interface for management and reporting gives you the visibility and control you need with the ENA engineering expertise you want.


Easily manage traffic based on its country of origin. Dynamically updated lists track and manage geo-location and apply to your customized policies.

Application Awareness

Manage traffic on your network based on applications and user types. Dynamically updated lists help manage specific applications, including social media, VPNs, and more.

Malware & Intrusion Prevention

Secure your organization and users from data loss, viruses, and theft with a continuously updated threat signature database monitoring your network. Suspicious activity is logged, blocked, and reported.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics, logging, and reporting tools let you see what is happening on your network, identify trends, and resolve network issues quickly.
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