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The Security of ENA NetShield Wherever You Need It

ENA NetShield VPN is ENA’s hosted virtual private network solution that works in conjunction with ENA NetShield. Whether you need a static VPN connection between two network locations or dynamic remote user access, ENA NetShield VPN has you covered.

Remote Access

ENA NetShield VPN provides secure access to remote users who need access to your local network for shared data, applications, and systems. This dynamic connection enables ENA to deliver a secure point of access into your network.

  • Industry-leading SSL VPN client compatible with all major device types and operating systems.
  • Only authorized users are granted access to your network. ENA NetShield VPN provides support for up to 100 concurrent users with up to 500mbps of throughput provided.
  • Optional directory integration for user management.
  • Optional additional service to integrate with customer-owned multi-factor authentication solutions.

Static Connection

ENA NetShield VPN offers a static (LAN to LAN) connection that securely connects two networks together through an industry standard IPsec encrypted tunnel utilizing predefined security criteria.

  • The encrypted tunnel protects your data by providing a private connection with throughput speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  • Multiple VPN static tunnels can be created to support a variety of uses—for example, connecting to a third party SaaS provider, transmitting sensitive data to another agency, or extending a remote network for access to centralized applications.
  • ENA engineers work with your team to define your specific needs and design a tailored approach to establishing the ENA NetShield VPN static managed service.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is available with ENA NetShield VPN. Features include:

  • OATH time- and event-based OTP generator
  • Login details pushed to phone for one-tap approval
  • Mobile Application Security Certified (v3.1) for Android and iOS devices
  • Token and app management
  • Self-erase brute-force protection
  • Apple watch compatibility

ENA NetShield VPN Integration with Existing MFA

Does your organization already have an MFA solution in place that you’d like to integrate with ENA NetShield VPN? Connect with your ENA account service manager to discuss what options are available.

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