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The ENA Code of Service Excellence

At ENA, delivering exceptional customer support is ingrained in our company culture. We are more than a technology solution provider—we are a team of dedicated and experienced individuals who are passionate about helping our customers achieve success.

We asked all our employees to identify qualities and actions they believe are representative of excellent customer care. Their responses were compiled into eight key attributes that we have named our ENA Code of Service Excellence. Whether an employee operates behind the scenes to support internal personnel or works directly with our external customers, the Code reminds all ENA employees that we are united by one goal—to provide excellent customer service, 100% of the time.

Be accountable

Code of Ethics

Begin by setting appropriate expectations and then do everything in your power to meet and exceed them. Take pride in the work you deliver and the difference it makes in the communities ENA serves!

Be empathetic

Code of Ethics

Take the time to understand each customer’s unique situation. It will provide you with the context and information needed to help them be successful. Envision the impact your work is having upon their environments and help them be heroes to their communities.

Be innovative

Code of Ethics

Actively listen to truly understand our customers’ needs. Provide innovative solutions that solve their immediate challenges while offering long-term value to the communities they serve. Leverage your technical expertise, creativity, and problem-solving skills to deliver exceptional customer service that far exceeds service from other providers.

Be responsive

Code of Ethics

Our services are mission critical to the communities we serve. Strive to have lightning-fast response times in all circumstances. Be passionate about resolving customer issues as quickly and effectively as possible, knowing that our customers are entrusting you with an important responsibility.

Be brave

Code of Ethics

We all have days when we aren’t our best. It’s how you respond—whether you are the recipient or the giver—that determines how that interaction is going to affect our culture, customers, and teammates. Lead by example and find kind ways to remind others that by demonstrating ENA’s Core Values and the ENA Code of Service Excellence, we can all ensure ENA’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer service remains strong.

Be honest

Code of Ethics

Provide honest answers in a caring, professional, and respectful manner. Always act with integrity. Look out for the customer’s best interests and follow through with your promises.

Be knowledgeable

Code of Ethics

Take responsibility for ensuring you have the knowledge to effectively support our customers. Share your knowledge with your colleagues to help them grow and succeed.

Be team-centric

Cultivate a team-centric atmosphere where everyone comes together for one common goal: delighting our customers. Follow up on your commitments, strive to beat deadlines, and always remember that internal customer service is just as important as external customer service.

Rachel is ENA’s communications manager. As the daughter of two educators, she is passionate about spotlighting and sharing the impressive outcomes being produced in today’s education and library communities.
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