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ENA Air—a comprehensive, managed Wi-Fi solution for K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries.

ENA Air is ENA’s comprehensive managed wireless service for K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries. ENA Air seamlessly integrates to deliver a scalable enterprise-class solution that will support your organization’s current and future technology requirements. ENA Air includes all necessary access points (APs), switches, and peripherals, as well as assessment, design, cabling, installation, engineering, hosted management and monitoring services, reporting tools, and post-activation heat mapping.

ENA Air frees your technology staff from the headaches, labor, and training investments that come with do-it-yourself solutions.

ENA takes care of every step in order to create, deploy, and manage a robust Wi-Fi network that is tailored to meet your needs. ENA Air is the perfect solution for organizations at any stage of their Wi-Fi rollout – from those looking to implement their first Wi-Fi solution to those who want to upgrade their existing Wi-Fi to a better and more reliable managed solution.

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Design and Deployment

The ENA Air service includes the physical layer design of the wireless spectrum as well as the design of the Wi-Fi security and network access policies, including integration with your local user database and ENA Air’s captive portal. Our skilled and experienced Wi-Fi engineers perform an onsite facility assessment to identify specific Wi-Fi network requirements. From that assessment, they create a customized Wi-Fi design that includes specifications for access point (AP) quantity, placement, channel plan, and power plan.

As part of the assessment, ENA’s Wi-Fi engineers perform an RF site survey of an existing WLAN (if applicable) and create a detailed blueprint of the proposed WLAN that meets identified requirements for coverage, capacity, user density, and mobility needs. ENA’s heat map testing and activation process ensures that your Wi-Fi coverage exceeds your users’ expectations.

ENA implements the entire Wi-Fi deployment from start to finish. We understand that good project management is critical to successfully implementing robust Wi-Fi, which is why we include dedicated project management with every ENA Air implementation. From installing the APs, cabling, and switching devices to activation and testing, we’ve got it covered, enabling your team to shift their focus to integrating learning initiatives instead of fixing problems.

ENA Air includes 24x7x365 monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and customer technical support throughout the life of the contract. That includes breaks/fixes, design alteration (if required), software updates, change management, and advanced replacement of any faulty, service-affecting ENA Air equipment.

Seamless Mobility

Anytime, anywhere learning becomes a reality with ENA Air’s seamless and robust connectivity. ENA Air provides students, faculty members, and library patrons with ubiquitous access to online content, applications, and resources. Users can continually use their mobile devices anywhere within the building without experiencing Wi-Fi drop offs or delays. Whether you are a K–12 school, higher education institution, or library, discover the transformative impact ENA Air can have on your learning environment.

With ENA Air, students are freed from the traditional classroom model and can learn in collaborative group settings. Teachers are no longer confined to the front of the classroom but instead can engage with their students as they explore, communicate, and learn on their own mobile devices. ENA Air opens the door to a plethora of new and exciting opportunities, including

  •   Distance learning
  •   Virtual courses
  •   Online assessments
  •   Cloud-based classroom and instructional resources

Ultra-high speed campus Wi-Fi is no longer considered a perk to today’s college student. Instead, it’s regarded as a must-have requirement. A 2008 survey conducted by Wakefield Research for the Wi-Fi Alliance found that 90 percent of college students believed Wi-Fi access was as essential to an education as a classroom or a computer—and this was before the tablet and smartphone boom.

To remain competitive in this new world of online learning, colleges and universities must provide their students with reliable and ubiquitous Wi-Fi access from any point on campus—dormitories, classrooms, student recreational centers, stadiums, and other outdoor locations such as student quads and bus stops. ENA Air can alleviate much of the stress by helping higher education institutions design and deploy robust, scalable Wi-Fi networks that meet their growing coverage and capacity needs.

Today’s libraries are undergoing significant digital transformations. With limited technology staff members and resources, it is difficult to keep up with the increasing Wi-Fi capacity and coverage demands of patrons. With ENA Air, you get more than a robust Wi-Fi solution—you get a reliable and knowledgeable support team that is readily available to help you with all of your Wi-Fi needs and challenges.

Indiana’s Putnam County Public Library Director Grier Carson is happy he made the decision to switch to ENA Air.

“We deployed ENA Air for Wi-Fi management, and we started outsourcing other services. This has been very effective in terms of managing the network and utilizing technology staff efficiently. I would much rather have my technology team members assisting our patrons with technology or planning future network improvements instead of managing network equipment all day. Everything about switching to ENA Air has been great. I wish we had done it sooner.”


ENA Air’s online analytics and reporting tools let you know exactly what is happening on your Wi-Fi network.

The Data Usage report monitors user traffic differentiated by bandwidth. You can view data used both on the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands based on time, SSID, and AP.

Once you begin viewing your Top Ten report, you’re presented with two main options: User and AP. View User to see the top ten users represented by their username, hostname or device MAC address, as the case may be, and see how much data they’re using! Have a number of access points? Then view the top access points and see where your users are consuming the most data.

The Max Clients report reflects the peak number of clients that were concurrently connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can view the max concurrent clients by specific SSID, AP, or operating system (OS).

The Applications Report allows you to view the amount of data being used by specific applications, providing visibility into how your network is being used.

In Operating System reports, you can view the top operating systems in use to determine which types of devices are utilizing your Wi-Fi network, and you’re able to see exactly how much data each OS group is using in terms of both bytes and percentage of the total data used.

The AP Status Summary report allows you to view the status of the AP up-time and down-time and provides intuitive, graphical health reporting pertaining to each AP deployed at your site.

Additional Features and Technical Specifications

View all features and technical specificaitons

  • Highly available, geographically redundant data centers for cloud-based Wi-Fi management and control designed to function without interruption, even if connectivity to our redundant core is lost
  • Both 802.11 a/b/g/n and 802.11ac service solutions
  • Minimum RF strength of -70 dBm or better across all identified coverage areas (either 2.4GHz or 5GHz coverage models available), and validation of Wi-Fi RF signal strength, signal-to-noise ratios, and overall coverage using industry standard measurement tools and testing
  • Bi-directional bandwidth steering for adaptive radio band management that will automatically place connected Wi-Fi clients on the spectrum and channel that best optimize performance and mitigate RF interference
  • Automatic software updates to all ENA-managed components of the service throughout the service contract based on ENA testing and customer-requested functionality
  • Network design and installation to
    — Provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wired Ethernet connectivity to the locally installed Wi-Fi access points
    — Integrate the ENA Air wireless local area network (WLAN) service with the LAN for access to local resources such as printers and file servers
  • Options to include necessary cabling from the ENA-managed switches to each access point if cabling is not provided (customer cabling must meet certain minimum requirements)
  • All necessary SSID, Wi-Fi security and policy design, implementation, and ongoing management, as required, to meet evolving onboarding and security requirements
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption options for all network traffic between the client and the access point, as well as SSL encryption of all management traffic between the access points and the ENA cloud
  • Certificate-based as well as optional integrated directory (LDAP/Active Directory) authentication for Wi-Fi users (directory integration requires customer RADIUS)
  • Seamless roaming between access points.
  • ENA-designed Wi-Fi policies that can provide variable bandwidth and access control to different users based both on their authenticated username and device type
  • Multiple policy and SSID design options, including the ability to provide different access and security based on user or user type and time of day within the same SSID
  • Enhanced security with optional rogue access point identification and elimination
  • Fault-tolerant design with intelligent radio awareness to automatically increase RF output from adjacent access points around a failed unit
  • Ability to make ongoing configuration changes and policy adjustments via ENA’s Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC)
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting analytics via the myENA online customer portal, including the following:
    Data Usage – User traffic differentiated by bandwidth
    Top Ten – Top users differentiated by user and AP
    Max Clients – Max concurrent clients in use
    Applications – Top applications in use
    Operating System – Top operating systems in use
    AP Status Summary – Access point uptime and downtime status summary
    Detailed Search – Find detailed information on specific clients, access points, and SSIDs

If you would like additional information about ENA Air, or if you would like to purchase ENA Air for your institution, please contact one of our regional service professionals. 


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