ENA CTAC customer support:  (888) 612-2880  |   support@ena.com
Service and support resources:    myENA   |   ENA Help Center

Contact Customer Support


Contact ENA’s Customer Technical Assistance Center

The ENA CTAC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Email: support@ena.com
Phone: (888) 612-2880

*Please note that your carrier’s standard text message rates apply.

ENA’s super support begins with the Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC). Our customer support engineers (CSEs) are a dedicated staff available 24x7x365 for immediate customer assistance on any and all ENA service issues. ENA invests in the ongoing professional development of our support staff, with a dual emphasis on technology skills and industry-recognized process expertise. This means that should you call, you’ll be answered quickly by a live professional in our U.S.-based offices who has experience working with school systems and libraries. There are no long waits and our CSEs are able to resolve issues without escalation over 92% of the time. Even more because the CTAC is proactive and monitors the network ceaselessly, they are able to contact customers in advance of their call to alert them of a service issue an incredible 99 percent of the time!

2016 Monthly Average Call Metrics Statistics


Proactive Support

Percentage of Customer Visible Outages Notified Proactively


Average Wait Time


First Contact Resolution

Percentage of Calls Resolved Without Escalation

Help At Your Fingertips

In addition to our live CTAC support, ENA has a robust library of always-available online support resources and service service enhancement applications in the ENA Help Center and within the myENA user portal.


Access online self-support with the ENA Help Center. The ENA Help Center contains a wealth of help documentation, including manuals and tutorials for ENA’s services and support applications. In addition to product-specific content, you will also find valuable resources such as the Technology Leader Welcome Kit.



Monitor your network and more with myENA’s online service and support applications. Visit the myENA page and select an option to log into your powerful ENA solution portal. ENA has the solutions you need to keep your communication, instruction, and daily operations flowing smoothly.

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