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Education Network Security in a Hyperconnected World

Education Network Security in a Hyperconnected World


With increasing threats to network security as well as a rapidly escalating number of ways to breach current defenses and gain unauthorized access to data and personal information, it is imperative that school districts implement stringent security practices to protect their students, staff members, and networks from virtual intruders. Education Networks of America in collaboration with eLearn Institute and TechEdvantage developed a white paper that provides insight into potential network security threats impacting today’s school districts. It also shares key considerations and best practices every school district can implement for improving their network security as well as preparedness when an incident does occur.

“I think ENA is pretty proactive when it comes to DDoS attacks. ENA hosts my DHCP at the router level as well as a hosted firewall. Like my dad used to say, anything man-made can break, but I feel confident in what ENA has in place, and they are very cutting edge when it comes to network security as a whole.”

Jimmy Anderson, Technology Coordinator, Dyersburg City Schools, Tennessee

Included in the white paper are the experiences and recommendations of two school districts—Broward County Public Schools (Florida) and Huntington County Community School Corporation (Indiana). Their valuable insight will be immeasurably helpful for school districts nationwide. Don’t forget to complete the white paper’s included Network Security Recommendations Checklist to assess your district’s network security protocols and procedures.

Network Security Recommendations Checklist

This checklist is designed to assist in a quick review of a district’s or school’s network security planning. It includes key areas such as planning, policies, communications and professional development, and technical infrastructure design and prevention measures.

Broward County Public Schools

Broward County Public Schools’ Chief Information Officer Tony D. Hunter and Director of Technical Support Services Doug G. Pearce share their top ten recommendations for school districts who want to stay on top of their network security.

Huntington County Community School Corporation

Huntington County Community School Corporation Director of Technology Tom Ashley and Network Engineer Ryan Wall share their district’s network security strategies.

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