RHC Program Updates

FY2020 HCF Annual Consortia Reporting Requirements

The consortium leader must submit an annual report to USAC, which includes information that allows the FCC to assess progress towards the performance goals and measures of the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program. The consortium leader must file the annual report on, or before, September 30 for the preceding funding year. Click here for more information on USAC’s website.

REMINDER: FY2020 Invoicing Deadline for Healthcare Connect Fund and Telecom Program

Effective FY2020, the invoicing deadline is 120 days from the service delivery deadline (June 30th). Depending on the RHC Program, HCPs must submit either the FCC Form 463 (HCF) and/or the FCC Form 467 (Telecom).  The original invoicing deadline for FY2020 was October 28, 2021, but in April 2021 the FCC issued an Order extending the FY2020 invoicing deadline by 120 days, to February 25, 2022, for all RHC applicants. For customers with approved HCF FRN’s, ENA Healthcare began outreach in August 2021 to assist in facilitating the submission of the necessary FCC Forms 463, which require service provider review and approval. Many of our customers with approved Telecom FRN’s have already submitted the necessary FCC Forms 467, however, if you have not, please contact our Funding Team ([email protected]) as soon as possible to get those completed.        

NEW FY2021 Information Requests

USAC is busy reviewing FY2021 Funding Requests and issuing Information Requests. It is a best practice to regularly check the USAC Portal for communications from USAC. Failure to respond to Information Requests by the specified deadline may result in denial of your funding request. If you need additional time to prepare responses, you may request an extension from USAC, but the request must be submitted prior to the expiration of the initial 14-day response period. Thank you all for your continued dedication to staying current with USAC Information Requests and do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.    

FY2022 Request for Services (FCC Forms 461 and 465)

RHC program applicants can begin submitting their FCC Forms 461 and Forms 465 to initiate competitive bidding as early as July 1st, 2021. This is 5 months before the opening of the FY2022 filing window! Click here to view USAC’s RHC Program Calendar for FY2022.

NEW USAC Webinars to Watch

  • RHC Program FY2022 Kickoff – Click here to view the recording.  
  • Telecom Program FY2022 Request for Services Best Practice – Click here to view the recording.
  • HCF Program FY2022 Request for Services Best Practices – Click here to view the recording.

USAC RHC Application Process Overview and Best Practices

Eligibility (FCC Form 460) Best Practices

Click here for USAC’s Eligibility Best Practices Summary or click here to watch the recorded webinar.  If you have not already, remember to complete your FCC Form 460 to determine eligibility.  You can submit your FCC Form 460 at any time during the funding year.  HCPs are encouraged to file 460s as early as possible to qualify their sites for HCF, as well as create a consortium (two or more HCP’s or HCP locations) in order to receive maximum allowable funding for rural and non-rural locations.

Request for Services (FCC Forms 461 and 465) Best Practices

Click here for USAC’s Request for Services Summary or click here to watch the recorded webinar. 

Important Reminders:

  • All Request for Services must be posted on the USAC public website for a minimum of 28 days before an HCP can select a service provider and sign a contract.
  • Potential bidders and service providers are prohibited from (1) assisting with an HCP’s FCC Form 461 documents; (2) being involved in setting the bid evaluation criteria; and (3) participating in the bid evaluation or vendor selection process.
Evaluate Bids and Select Service Provider

Visit USAC’s webpages for best practices for the HCF and the Telecom Programs.  

Important Reminders:

  • There is no minimum number of bids that HCP’s must receive to request funding through the RHC Program.
  • All bids must be evaluated and submitted with an HCP’s funding request(s).
  • If an HCP only receives one bid, the HCP is free to accept the bid as long as it is evaluated using the evaluation criteria.
Submit Funding Requests (FCC Forms 462 and 466) Best Practices

Click here for USAC’s Funding Request Summary or click here to watch the recorded webinar. 

Important Reminders:

  • The FY2022 funding request filing window to submit FCC Forms 462 and Forms 466 will open on December 1, 2021, and close on April 1, 2022.
  • Click here to view USAC’s RHC Program Calendar for FY2022.

Here are some RHC Program updates and reminders:

MY PORTAL: Now is a great time to review your My Portal Account Holders.  USAC recommends at least one secondary account holder per HCP.

  • USAC has created guides for Primary Account Holders with instructions for additional account holders in My Portal.
  • The process is not the same for both programs.
    • Click here for the Telecom Program Account Holder Guide.
    • Click here for the HCF Program Account Holder Guide.