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ENA's Safety and Alerting Suite

Improving Safety, Security, and Communication

ENA’s Safety and Alerting Suite is an IP network-based, SIP-initiated multicast paging and notification system that seamlessly integrates with ENA’s voice solution. Choose from a range of audio and visual alerters, intercoms, and accessories, all designed to meet your escalating security and safety strategy needs.

IP Endpoints

All of ENA’s Safety and Alerting Suite devices are network managed, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and SIP enabled dynamic IP endpoints. They feature HD voice for various applications including voice paging, emergency alerting, bell scheduling, loud ringing, and playing music.

ENA’s experienced voice engineers will work with you to understand your use cases and design a comprehensive public address (PA) notification, alerting, and door access system tailored for your public spaces, including:

K-12 and Higher Ed
Hospitals and Clinics
Voice Paging Adapter and Bell Scheduler
Keep students, staff, patrons, and patients on time and informed with the Algo 8301

Create and manage up to nine customized pre-recorded alerts/announcements per device (i.e. “school is in lockdown”, “the library is closing in ten minutes”, “code blue,” etc.)

Use the bell scheduler to alert students and staff to class changes, dismissals, recess, etc.

Used in conjunction with all Algo audio and visual alerters

Algo 8301
Audio and Visual Alerters

Multifunctional PA speakers that can be used for loud ringing/alert, voice paging, playing music, emergency notifications, and bell scheduling applications

Voice paging with talkback capability

Ambient noise compensation adjusts for noise levels

Easy configuration via the ENA Admin portal

Schedule customizable tones, announcements, or music to play automatically with Algo 8301 Scheduler

Standard multicast and Polycom paging group capable

8180 SIP Audio Alerter


Algo 8180

  • Wall mount speaker
Algo 8188 Ceiling Speaker

Ceiling Speaker

Algo 8188

  • Drop ceiling mount speaker
Algo 8186 Horn Speaker

Horn Speaker

Algo 8186

  • Weatherproof horn extends your paging zones outdoors
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • Three axis rotation for wide range of vertical and horizontal adjustments
8128 Strobe

Strobe Light

Algo 8128

  • Call notification tool for noisy or noise sensitive workplace environments
  • Alert employees who are hearing impaired to a call
  • Notify users that someone is on the line with “in use” mode where the light stays solid
  • Long range visibility
  • Amber, blue, and red lens color options
  • 11 configurable flash patterns and 3 brightness levels available

SIP Speaker, Clock, and Visual Alerter

Algo 8190

  • All-in-one speaker and clock for public address
  • Talkback capable speaker with integrated call button
  • High visibility IP clock

Algo 8190S – LEDs for Visual Alerts

  • Algo 8190 features plus 12 four-colored LEDs in device (6 on each side of speaker)
  • Amber, blue, green, and red LED available for enhanced situational awareness and emergency notifications
  • Device configuration allows visual alert color to be aligned with speaker’s broadcast for an alert tone/announcement
  • 10 flash patterns and 3 brightness levels available
Access Intercoms

Can be integrated easily into any unified communications hosted or premises environment

Can be configured to communicate with any device, phone, or client that is connected to the communication network

Easy configuration via the ENA Admin portal

Algo 8039 Video Intercom

Video Intercom

Algo 8039

  • Enhance visitor communication and security with wide-band audio and wide-angle video intercom
  • Answer intercom using standard telephone, softphone client, or smartphone
  • 187-degree visibility for security and convenience
  • Requires video-enabled phone to receive video from the device
Algo 8028

Door Phone and Controller

Algo 8028G2

  • Hands-free intercom and entrance security with door-unlock control
  • Communicate safely and conveniently from your ENA SmartVoice phone
  • Allow entry with the simple press of a key
  • Backlit call button for better visibility in low light conditions
  • Weatherproof design
Algo 8201 SIP Intercom

Weatherproof Intercom

Algo 8201

  • Compact form for hands-free, two-way voice communication with visitors
  • Enable door contacts to detect open doors, deactivate door strikes, end ringing, or provide notifications of door tampering
Algo 1203

Call Button

Algo 1203

  • Emergency alerting and assistance/help button
  • Illuminated call switch with blue LED for one-touch program announcement or alert notification
  • Initiate two-way paging from classroom to front desk, reception desk notification for security, workplace medical emergency alert, etc.
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