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Avertium Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Avertium partners with ENA to deliver cybersecurity assessment services to K12, Higher Ed, Government, and Healthcare organizations. Technology evolves and so do threats. That is why we fuse together the right combination of technology and threat intelligence with human expertise to address chaos with context.

Why ENA Partners with Avertium

Avertium is able to fully integrate SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, Zero Trust Networking, and Architecture & Integration services, all by our certified experts 24/7. 

ENA and Avertium together are dedicated to prioritizing the needs of public our public, education, library, and healthcare communities and understand the importance of keeping these public institutions protected 24/7.

Cybersecurity spans many fronts, and to your organization and the people you serve, you must know your vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited. 

The tactics, techniques, and procedures of bad actors will always evolve which is why Avertium’s holistic, risk-based approach to cybersecurity layers services, technology capabilities, and tried-and-true security frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK deliver a more resilient security posture. Let us help you Show No Weakness®. 

Risk assessment and risk analysis are critical. We’re here to help with network vulnerability scans and assessments, as well as internal and external pen testing and more, so you can have a comprehensive security assessment report specific to the threats you face.

Critical Cybersecurity Assessments for Public Institutions

Know Where You Stand

Cyber Maturity Roadmap Compliance


Sensitive Data Discovery

Mitigate Risk


Cyber Risk

Web and Mobile Security

Adapt, Act, Evolve

Pen Testing

Threat Mapping

Digital Forensics

Our assessment methodology stems from our belief that in order to protect yourself, you must show no weaknesses toward any potential threats.


Knowing what to protect is the first step in becoming battle-ready. That’s why Avertium begins all engagements by understanding a client’s threat environment. What kind of company? Where are your systems/ What security tools? What processes + protocols? Where is your data/ How is access control managed? Do you have full visibility of your environment? 


Avertium’s Cyber Fusion Center synthesizes human expertise and the MITR ATT&CK framework, alongside the most authoritative threat data, non-security data, and more to offer deeper, more relevant, and more actionable intelligence for our customers. Who do they target? What systems do they use? Are there relations / patterns?


By combining the knowledge of your internal environment with our knowledge of the threat landscape, we are able to gain clarity and take action on remediation efforts while preserving business continuity.

At Avertium, helping public organizations protect critical assessts is our only business.

That’s why we offer comprehensive, programmatic cybersecurity solutions that span across the entire cybersecurity maturity continuum.
Avertium Cybersecurity Assessment Services is a Partner of ENA.
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