ENA is excited to announce it has joined Zayo Group!

Why SentinelOne

ENA has recently partnered with SentinelOne to help our K12, Higher Ed, Government, and Healthcare customers keep their endpoints protected and data secured. SentinelOne allows you to prevent, detect, respond, and hunt threats to your network with one autonomous platform. SentinelOne is the leader in endpoint security, as demonstrated by their exemplary performance on the recent MITRE ATT&CK evaluation:

Why Endpoint Protection

With the proliferation of 1-to-1 devices among students and faculty and ransomware attacks specifically targeting K12 organizations on the rise, schools need better endpoint protection now more than ever. A modern approach to endpoint protection can preempt advanced cyber-attacks like ransomware before student, faculty, and staff privacy is compromised.

The 8 Reasons to Move on from Legacy Antivirus

Increase Automation

Automatically protect against ransomware attacks, saving time and energy

Boost Protection​

Get ahead of attackers and ransomware with next-generation technology

Save Time​

Address breaches early in the process, before they proliferate


Maximize the time and efficiency of security analysts

Make the Software Work For You​

Get maximum protection without the learning curve

Integrate Your Security Solutions​

Connect the various solutions in your IT and security stack

Reduce Post-Breach Costs​

Prevent downstream impacts of security incidents and easily investigate with StorylineTM technology

Reduce Operational Costs

Running outdated and resource-intensive technology creates vulnerability

How SentinelOne Does It

SentinelOne Singularity consolidates multiple existing technologies into one solution. SentinelOne has tiered product offerings for each level of your network, complemented by support packages and add-ons to meet each organizations’ unique security needs.

SentinelOne Singularity Packages
Request a Demo of SentinelOne Live Cyber Attack
SentinelOne is a Partner of ENA.
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Singularity Core

Recommended Solution for Low Priority Devices

Endpoint Security bedrock to replace legacy AV or NGAV with easy attack forensics and recovery. Includes patented 1-click remediation and rollback.

Singularity Control

Recommended Solution for Staff Devices

Builds on the S1 Core with Firewall Control, Device Control for USB and Bluetooth devices, and Rogue Visibility.

Singularity Complete

Recommended Solution for High Priority Servers and VIP Endpoints

Builds on the S1 Control to provide endpoint prevention detection, response, and threat hunting with Storyline Tech.

Add-Ons and Support Packages
Singularity Ranger IoT

Allows users to isolate device-based threats and hunt suspicious activity.

Vigilance MDR Services

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to help overstretched IT/SOC Teams.

SentinelOne Readiness Services

Personalized implementation support with an assigned customer success manager.

Request a Demo of a Live Cyber Attack and see how SentinelOne stops it in its tracks.

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