Telehealth Guide to Connecting Library Patrons to Better Health

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Shhhhhh! The Doctor’s In...

Libraries support virtually everyone across the economic spectrum in their communities, so it’s quite exciting to imagine telehealth capabilities at work.

More than video chats, telehealth uses intranets and Internet networks to observe, diagnose, initiate, or otherwise medically intervene, administer, monitor, record, and/or report on the continuum of care people receive when ill, injured, or wanting to stay well.

This guide lays out how to:
  1. Get to the heart of patrons’ healthcare needs.
  2. Create a robust and innovative telehealth program for your community.
  3. Market your telehealth and broadband grant proposal.
About the Author

Craig Settles

Saved from a stroke by telehealth, Craig Settles pays it forward by uniting community broadband teams and healthcare stakeholders through telehealth initiatives. Mr. Settles built his reputation by helping community broadband improve economic development, healthcare, education, and local government. He hosts the Gigabit Nation talk show. Follow him on Twitter – @cjsettles101.

Mr. Settles’ consulting services, on-site works, reports, and books help community leaders and stakeholders leverage broadband as an economic driver. He’s a nationally known and respected thought leader. Mr. Settles gets communities to ask the right questions so they find the best answers for their digital needs. Email today for more information: [email protected].

“A lot of libraries right now are struggling to keep their head above water, but as we move forward and they see their peers push telehealth initiatives, we’ll see health become prominently featured in libraries.”