ENA is excited to announce it has joined Zayo Group!

Bring the Best of Communications and Collaboration Together

Microsoft Teams Integration for ENA SmartVoice

Experience the best of both platforms and say goodbye to jumping back and forth between screens and applications.

With our Microsoft Teams integration, users can combine ENA SmartVoice’s high-quality VoIP audio calling with their email, chat, and messaging in Microsoft Teams.  

Simplify your workday

Reduce app fatigue

Connect how and where you want

Access Phone Functionality Without Leaving Microsoft Teams

Access your phone functionality and make calls directly within Microsoft Teams. View call history, search contacts, and make ENA SmartVoice calls easily and seamlessly without having to leave the Microsoft Teams platform:  

1. Make Calls: Use the embedded dialpad and click-to-call buttons to call any contacts, business extensions, and external phone numbers using your ENA SmartVoice number

2. Make Calls in Messages: Quickly and easily place outbound calls with whoever you’re chatting via the compose message box icon 

3. Call History: View call history including missed, dialed, and received calls, and quickly call back contacts from this view 

4. Contacts: View your synced ENA SmartVoice contacts library, use the search bar to find contacts, and easily call them in one click   

5. Call Availability Status: Update your call availability status and quickly access your ENA SmartVoice user portal’s call manager page to manage call flows, make changes, and more

Ready to dive in?​

ENA SmartVoice users can get up and running in minutes.  

Upgrade to a modern cloud phone platform​

Level up your voice communications with ENA’s reliable, feature-rich, and affordable hosted phone system 

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