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Flexible SD-WAN

Reliable Services Designed Just For You

SD-WAN technology empowers your community to intelligently manage network traffic by taking advantage of all available connectivity options. We will work with you to design a custom network that empowers you to keep your doors open across your campus.

4 Ways SD-WAN Can Help

Whether you run two sites or hundreds, our SD-WAN solution optimizes your Internet Access to provide dependable connectivity across your campus—all without sacrificing data security.

1. Simplify Your Network

  • Low touch provisioning and configuration
  • 24x7x365 ENA monitoring
  • World-class customer support

2. Optimize Your Network

  • Optimize application performance
  • Balance network traffic across sites
  • Consolidated monitoring and visibility across all sites

3. Support Your Network

  • Build in automatic redundancy capabilities
  • Support multiple WAN interfaces from multiple provider types

4. Secure Your Network

Choose from three security service level options:

  • Router Service – IPsec encrypted transport
  • Advanced Firewall Service – Hosted firewall service that utilizes industry-leading security architecture to mitigate threats at our core
  • UTM Service – A scalable unified threat management solution that
    consolidates multiple security and network capabilities into a single reporting service

Related Solutions

Now more than ever, technology is opening the door to new opportunities. ENA delivers future-ready technology services supported by world-class customer service to education, library, healthcare, and government organizations nationwide.

Internet Access

Infrastructure as a Service Internet access service that includes the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of circuits, as well as network equipment and hardware.


End-to-end wide area network (WAN) service that leverages high-speed connections to serve your whole community while reducing management complexity.


A comprehensive suite of all-inclusive and à la carte Wi-Fi/WLAN services with flexible management and hardware options purpose-built to achieve your unique connectivity goals.

Let's talk about your connectivity needs

Your business is unique, and so are your connectivity needs.
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