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Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall to Keep Your Community Safe
ENA NetShield Header Illustration

Security should not come at the expense of network performance. That is why we developed a managed firewall service that mitigates threats at ENA’s core, sparing your Internet access circuit from unwanted traffic and attacks. 

Utilizing industry-standard security appliance architecture, our firewall service leverages ENA’s national backbone to deliver a managed security service that will maintain uptime and service, even if your campus or building experiences a power failure.

ENA NetShield Diagram

5 Reasons to Choose ENA's Firewall Solution

  • Blocks unwanted traffic at ENA’s core, reducing unexpected utilization of your Internet access circuit
  • Utilizes resilient carrier infrastructure
  • Is hosted within hardened facilities featuring multiple layers of failover architecture to ensure continued protection against attacks
  • Can be scaled to grow with your network
  • Offers dedicated one-call support for rule changes, additions, and modifications

Isolate Network Traffic And Reduce Your Attack Surface

Leveraging smart network design can enable organizations to quickly isolate security threats. Our firewall solution can be installed at designated customer locations and configured to segment network traffic to reduce the organization’s attack surface.

ENA NetShield Segmentation

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Let's talk about your cybersecurity needs

Your business is unique, and so are your cybersecurity needs.
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