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Network Segmentation

Site-based Firewall

Customizable network architecture that enables organizations to quickly isolate cyber threats with a push of a button.

With today’s influx of cyber threats, it is increasingly time-consuming and challenging to secure data and networks from malicious attacks.

Leveraging smart network design and firewall capabilities to secure designated sites can significantly increase an organization’s ability to isolate security concerns and improve reporting and visibility across the network.

ENA NetShield Segmentation

How it Works

“Network segmentation can help prevent the spread of ransomware by controlling traffic flows between—and access to—various subnetworks and by restricting adversary lateral movement.” – Campus Safety, September 2022

With ENA NetShield and its site-based firewall design, vulnerable network entry points such as Internet of Things (IoT) and guest traffic can be segmented from critical network components to enhance security.

Upon detection of a threat, organizations can quickly activate isolation policies with a click of a button to immediately isolate affected parts of a network from unaffected parts.

Key Features and Benefits

ENA NetShield’s site-based firewall architecture includes the design, installation, and ongoing management of the firewall service at designated customer locations as well as the following features and benefits:

  • Network design consultation
  • Dedicated project manager who oversees the project’s implementation  
  • Initial configuration of appropriate security and access control policies tailored to your organization to achieve desired site-level control and security
  • Co-management portal for policy management and pre-configured firewall rules enabling rapid segment isolation
  • Ongoing ENA-managed centralized management of all site-based equipment
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management of all equipment.
  • 24x7x365 ENA CTAC support
  • Category One E-rate eligibility*

*Eligible services are subject to the criteria outlined in USAC’s Eligible Services List for the applicable funding year.

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