Keeping You Connected and Protected: The Power of Managed Network Services

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ENA > Articles > Keeping You Connected and Protected: The Power of Managed Network Services

In today’s hyperconnected world, it is not enough to just have good connectivity. We all know that high-quality broadband access is fundamental to organizations, but reliability, safety, and security are now an equally important part of the infrastructure equation.

Utilizing managed network services can provide users with the service reliability they need combined with a support team they can count on. Ultimately, choosing a managed network service provider is an optimal way to stay updated on new technology, maintain continued access to expert skills and knowledge, and ensure your infrastructure, security, and operational needs are being met.

Security Services

Here are key elements organizations should look for in a managed network service provider:

Decreased strain on internal resources

The right comprehensive managed network services should deliver proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support. This can save your team time, money, and help bridge skills gaps that may exist. Having access to an outside team of experts and implementation specialists lessens the strain on internal technology teams and provides peace of mind.

Expertise and knowledge sharing

An experienced managed network service provider has likely completed numerous service deployments just like yours. Although your situation may be unique, a managed service provider is accustomed to seamlessly navigating special circumstances or challenges and should be knowledgeable of the specific challenges you face.

Safety and security

Ensuring your organization is protected from detrimental cyber attacks and network security breaches is crucial. Managed service providers should be testing and developing new methods of discovering and mitigating threats in today’s ever-changing network security landscape. When assessing managed service providers, technology leaders should verify that the managed service includes built-in security components that detect, help mitigate and prevent cyber threats. The Cadillac of services should include web filtering, DDoS mitigation, maintenance and monitoring of your organization’s firewall, and updates to your security settings.

Insight and performance evaluation

A dedicated managed network service provider should be committed to continually improving your network and upgrading your services to help you meet your goals and keep your organization ahead of the technology curve.

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