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The Biggest Threats to Your Community’s Security

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With the number of security risks threatening schools constantly evolving and expanding, it can be difficult to know which threats demand immediate action. That’s why we put together The Five Scariest Threats to Your Network’s Security.
In this white paper, we spell out the threats our experts believe today pose the greatest risk–plus how to protect against them. That way you can be sure you’re keeping your community and your data safe, both today and in the future.

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Content Filtering

ENA WebSafe
Cloud-based content filtering that maximizes security, provides flexible filtering tools, and minimizes administrative burdens.

DDoS Mitigation

ENA NetDefender
Automatic DDoS mitigation service that scrubs network traffic and protects your Internet connection upon detection of an attack.

Hosted Firewall

ENA NetShield
Hosted firewall service that utilizes industry-leading security architecture to mitigate threats at our core.

Unified Threat Management

ENA NetShield UTM
Unified threat management service utilizing industry-leading architecture that enables you to identify and mitigate threats at the core.

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