Powerful and Scalable Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

Dynamic Cloud Services that Fuel Today's 21st Century Healthcare Ecosystems

With soaring amounts of critical data being generated by today’s healthcare organizations, health systems need a scalable, multi-layered data protection and management strategy that enhances the patient experience, protects their data, and empowers staff, clinicians, and administrators, all while reducing infrastructure complexity, costs, and risk.  

ENA’s HIPAA-compliant, managed cloud solutions are designed for healthcare organizations to protect, harness, and leverage their escalating data assets.  

Cloud Computing

ENA TrustCompute
Comprehensive virtual private cloud solution designed for healthcare organizations seeking to deploy a scalable, easy to use, and budget-friendly cloud computing platform.

File Backup

ENA TrustBackup
Secure file backup solution that protects healthcare providers against data loss from operational mishaps, natural disasters, and malicious cyber threats.

Cloud Storage

Cloud-based storage that enables healthcare organizations to access and manage their data via a flexible interface.

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