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National Affiliates


AASA, the School Superintendents Association, advocates for the highest quality public education for all students. AASA is the foremost national and global professional organization for educational leaders including CEOs, superintendents, senior level school administrators, and aspiring school system leaders. AASA members are the chief education advocates for children. They advance the goals of public education and champion children’s causes in their districts and nationwide. As school system leaders, AASA members set the pace for academic achievement. They help shape policy, oversee its implementation, and represent school districts to the public at large. ENA is a member and corporate sponsor of AASA.


The Association for Computer Professionals in Education (ACPE) is a Pacific Northwest regional nonprofit association for the educational technology community dedicated to the support of administrative, information, and instructional technology. The organization actively seeks out and shares relevant information designed and targeted for its members to promote general recognition of the role of IT professionals in educational institutions; improve network and computer services; integrate emerging technologies; and encourage appropriate use of information technology for the improvement of education and support standards whereby common interchanges of electronic information can be accomplished efficiently and effectively. ENA is a gold sponsor of ACPE Northwest and exhibits at the annual conference.


The Association for College and University Technology Advancement (ACUTA) is an international nonprofit educational association serving colleges and universities. ACUTA represents over 1800 individuals at more than 500 institutions of higher education with members ranging from small schools and community colleges to the 50 largest U.S. institutions representing diverse Carnegie classifications throughout the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. ACUTA also has corporate affiliate members, representing all categories of technology vendors who serve the college/university market. ENA is a copper sponsor of ACUTA and exhibits at the annual conference.



The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is a nonpartisan, nationwide, nonprofit organization of public officials who head departments of elementary and secondary education in the states, the District of Columbia, the Department of Defense Education Activity, the Bureau of Indian Education and the five U.S. extra-state jurisdictions. As an organization, they are committed to ensuring that all students participating in the public education system — regardless of background — graduate prepared for college, careers, and life. To realize this, CCSSO brings together dedicated leaders and exceptional ideas to achieve measurable progress for every student. Their work includes supporting states as they implement new standards, reinvent systems that develop effective teachers, explore and adopt new technologies, and navigate political turmoil-all in the pursuit of helping students succeed.  ENA is a Collaborative Partner in the Education Information Management Advisory Consortium (EIMAC).


The Center for Digital Education serves as a resource for the education market, researching K-12 and higher education technology trends, policy and funding, and providing insight and information on technology issues to both education experts and industry leaders. The organization unites public and private sector partners to advance the utilization of new technologies in school districts and on campuses nationwide. ENA sponsors several events including the Large District Fly-in and DELC.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. They empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives. Common Sense Education provides teachers and schools with free research-based classroom tools to help students harness technology for learning and life. Their K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum teaches students how to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world and their educational rating system, Graphite, helps educators discover, use, and share high-quality digital products that propel student learning. ENA has a strategic partnership with Common Sense Media.


The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is the premier professional association for district technology leaders. For over two decades, CoSN has provided leaders with the management, community building, and advocacy tools they need to succeed. Today, CoSN represents over 10 million students in school districts nationwide and continues to grow as a powerful and influential voice in K–12 education. ENA is an active member and Gold sponsor of CoSN. Our Vice President of Client Services, Lillian Kellogg, is a member of their Board of Directors and works on their Finance committee. ENA participates in several initiatives and committees including the Smart Education Networks by Design (SEND), Becoming Assessment Ready (BAR), the Empowered Superintendent, and Advocacy Dinner and Auction.


CGCS is a national organization that exclusively represents the needs of urban public schools and its students. It is composed of 68 large city school districts whose special mission is to educate the nation’s most diverse student body to the highest academic standards and prepare them to contribute to our democracy and the global community. The organization promotes the cause of urban schools and advocates for inner-city students through legislations, research, and media relations. The CGCS’s objectives include educating all urban school students to the highest academic standards and leading, governing, and managing our urban public schools in ways that advance the education of our children and inspire the public’s confidence. ENA actively supports and sponsors several events with the CGCS.


Education Commission of the States (ECS) is committed to providing unbiased, factual information and resources to help policymakers make informed decisions to improve public education from early childhood to postsecondary. ECS partners with education policy leaders to address issues by sharing resources and expertise. The organization is proud to serve the people who develop and implement education policy and the students who directly benefit from effective policy change. ENA is a sponsor of ECS and participates in ECS events.


Internet2 is a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996. Internet2 provides a collaborative environment where US research and education organizations can solve common technology challenges and develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research and community service missions. The community touches nearly every major innovation that defines our modern digital lives—and continues to define “what’s next.” ENA is a corporate member of the organization and is an active participant on the Internet2 K–20 Advisory Committee. Learn about Internet2-qualified ENA customer benefits.

National Minority Supplier Development Council Inc ®

The National Minority Supplier Development Council Inc ® (NMSDC®) is one of the country’s leading corporate membership organizations. Whether you are a small minority-owned business or a billion dollar powerhouse, the NMSDC helps organizations solve the growing need for supplier diversity. The NMSDC is committed to advancing Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American suppliers in a globalized corporate supply chain. ENA is proud to be a member of this esteemed organization.


The National School Boards Association (NSBA) is a nonprofit organization representing state associations of school boards and member districts across the United States. Its mission is to foster excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership. NSBA achieves that mission in three ways: 1. It represents the school board perspective before federal government agencies. 2. It works with national organizations that affect education. 3. It provides vital information and services to state associations of school boards and local school boards throughout the nation. NSBA has created an “army of advocates” poised to influence key federal legislative issues. ENA supports NSBA and is a corporate sponsor.


The Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) was founded in 2002. The coalition was formed to bring the business community, education leaders, and policymakers together to position 21st century readiness at the center of K–12 education and to kick-start a national conversation on the importance of 21st century skills for all students. P21’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for 21st century learning, and to build collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders. ENA is a Gold sponsor and member of P21. ENA’s Vice President of Client Services, Lillian Kellogg, is a past chair and holds a seat on the executive board. ENA associates also participate in several P21 committees.



The SHLB Coalition promotes government policies and programs to enable schools, libraries, health care providers, and other anchor institutions and their surrounding communities to obtain open, affordable, high-speed, broadband connections to the Internet. The SHLB Coalition is based in Washington, DC and has a diverse membership of commercial and non-commercial organizations that support their mission from across the United States. ENA is a founding member, sponsor, and active participant of SHLB. ENA’s Bob Collie is a member of SHLB’s Board of Directors and serves as Vice Chairman.


The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries. The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA represents and supports developers of educational software applications, digital content, online learning services, and related technologies across the K–20 sector. SIIA provides leadership, industry advocacy, critical market information, and a forum for connecting and shaping the software and digital content industry. ENA is an active member of SIIA and the ETIN, and we are members of their Education Board of Directors Alumni Committee.


The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is a not-for-profit membership association launched by state education agency leaders in 2001 to serve, support, and represent their emerging interests and needs with respect to the use of technology for teaching, learning, and school operations. Their mission is to build and increase the capacity of state and national leaders to improve education through technology policy and practice. In carrying out their mission, they are committed to: serving every U.S. state and territorial education agency to help maintain a future-focused, holistic view on how to leverage technology for education; fostering collaboration among their members, strategic partners, and other education leaders and policymakers; and taking action on important issues facing public education. ENA is an active member and corporate Platinum sponsor and participates in several SETDA projects and programs.

The Quilt

The Quilt is a national coalition of advanced regional networks for research and education representing 36 networks across the country. Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 200 universities and thousands of other educational institutions. The Quilt’s goals are to promote consistent, reliable, interoperable, and efficient advanced networking services that extend to the broadest possible community, and to represent common interests in the development and delivery of advanced network services. The Quilt facilitates collaboration among regional networks, advocates on behalf of regional networks, and helps regional networks leverage their collective experience and buying power. ENA is an active member and participates in the organization’s steering committee.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose vision is to be the leader in women’s business development. Founded in 1997, WBENC is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States. The organization is committed to accelerating opportunities and creating a superior resource pool for all constituents. Through its strategic partnerships, WBENC is able to deliver world-class programming that enhances business development and growth by maximizing relevant knowledge programs and capitalizing on the wealth of industry expertise in its community. ENA is a proud supporter of WBENC and its dedication to fostering diversity in the world of commerce.

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