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ENA Air Fully-Managed Wi-Fi

ENA Air Fully-Managed WiFi Solutions

The Power of a Managed Service

ENA works directly with you to design, engineer, install, and manage a robust and high-quality Wi-Fi solution. Our all-inclusive service includes all necessary access points (APs), switches, and peripherals plus a customized Wi-Fi assessment and design performed and drafted by ENA’s certified and experienced Wi-Fi engineers.

ENA Air’s fully-managed Wi-Fi solution comes with ENA’s ever-vigilant, industry-leading managed service model which means you get ongoing monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and 24x7x365 customer technical support throughout the life of the contract. That includes incident support, design updating (if required during your contract term), change management, and immediate replacement of any defective, service-affecting equipment.

ENA Air engineer


Fully-Managed Wi-Fi

Four reasons why you should consider ENA’s managed Wi-Fi service:

  1. Free your technology staff from time-consuming equipment tasks such as configuration, maintaining network performance, troubleshooting, and upgrading Wi-Fi capabilities.
  2. Experience robust, reliable, and seamless wireless connectivity throughout your building or campus.
  3. Relax knowing that your network is being monitored 24/7 by the ENA Customer Technical Assistance Center.
  4. Enjoy access to monitoring, operational controls, and real-time reporting and analytics via your own customer portal.

Expert Engineering

  • ENA’s engineers hold certifications in over 16 categories collectively, including wireless networking, design, deployment, analysis and administration.
  • Our engineers attend multiple training workshops and recertification courses to stay current on the latest wireless technology trends and developments.
  • We have certified wireless network (CWNE) expertise on staff.

Complete Visibility Into Your Network

ENA’s comprehensive customer portal and dashboard support operational control, real-time monitoring, and reporting analytics. These features and tools provide you with complete visibility and administrative access to view and monitor what is happening on your Wi-Fi network.

Operational Control    

Manage devices and user access, adjust operations, and employ commands to meet demands on your Wi-Fi network.


Real-Time Monitoring    

Review, evaluate, and monitor Wi-Fi device activity in real-time to help resolve Wi-Fi network traffic issues.


Reporting and Analytics    

Real-time analytics and reporting tools let you know exactly what is happening on your Wi-Fi network.


Technical Specifications     

A comprehensive list of technical specifications and features is available for your review.


Experience the Difference

Design and Deployment

ENA Air’s fully-managed Wi-Fi service includes the physical layer design of the wireless spectrum as well as the design of the Wi-Fi security and network access policies, including integration with your local user database and ENA Air’s captive portal. Our skilled and experienced Wi-Fi engineers perform an onsite facility assessment to identify specific Wi-Fi network requirements. From that assessment, they create a customized Wi-Fi design that includes specifications for access point (AP) quantity, placement, channel plan, and power plan.

As part of the assessment, ENA’s Wi-Fi engineers perform an RF site survey of an existing WLAN (if applicable) and create a detailed blueprint of the proposed WLAN that meets identified requirements for coverage, capacity, user density, and mobility needs. ENA’s heat map testing and activation process ensures that your Wi-Fi coverage exceeds your users’ expectations.

ENA implements the entire Wi-Fi deployment from start to finish. We understand that good project management is critical to successfully implementing robust Wi-Fi, which is why we include dedicated project management with every fully managed  implementation. From installing the APs, cabling, and switching devices to activation and testing, we’ve got it covered, enabling your team to shift their focus to integrating learning initiatives instead of fixing problems.

ENA Air’s fully-managed Wi-Fi service includes 24x7x365 monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and customer technical support throughout the life of the contract. That includes breaks/fixes, design alteration (if required), software updates, change management, and advanced replacement of any faulty, service-affecting ENA Air equipment.

Seamless Mobility

Anytime, anywhere learning becomes a reality with seamless and robust connectivity. ENA Air’s fully-managed solution provides students, faculty members, and library patrons with ubiquitous access to online content, applications, and resources. Users can continually use their mobile devices anywhere within the building without experiencing Wi-Fi drop offs or delays. Whether you are a K–12 school, higher education institution, or library, discover the transformative impact a fully-managed Wi-Fi solution can have on your learning environment.

With ENA Air’s fully-managed services, students are freed from the traditional classroom model and can learn in collaborative group settings. Teachers are no longer confined to the front of the classroom but instead can engage with their students as they explore, communicate, and learn on their own mobile devices. ENA Air opens the door to a plethora of new and exciting opportunities, including

  •   Distance learning
  •   Virtual courses
  •   Online assessments
  •   Cloud-based classroom and instructional resources

Ultra-high speed campus Wi-Fi is no longer considered a perk to today’s college student. Instead, it’s regarded as a must-have requirement.

To remain competitive in this new world of online learning, colleges and universities must provide their students with reliable and ubiquitous Wi-Fi access from any point on campus—dormitories, classrooms, student recreational centers, stadiums, and other outdoor locations such as student quads and bus stops. ENA Air’s fully managed service can alleviate much of the stress by helping higher education institutions design and deploy robust, scalable Wi-Fi networks that meet their growing coverage and capacity needs.

Today’s libraries are undergoing significant digital transformations. With limited technology staff members and resources, it is difficult to keep up with the increasing Wi-Fi capacity and coverage demands of patrons. With ENA Air, you get more than a robust Wi-Fi solution—you get a reliable and knowledgeable support team that is readily available to help you with all of your Wi-Fi needs and challenges.

Indiana’s Putnam County Public Library Director Grier Carson is happy he made the decision to switch to ENA Air.

“We deployed ENA Air for Wi-Fi management, and we started outsourcing other services. This has been very effective in terms of managing the network and utilizing technology staff efficiently. I would much rather have my technology team members assisting our patrons with technology or planning future network improvements instead of managing network equipment all day. Everything about switching to ENA Air has been great. I wish we had done it sooner.”

If you would like additional information about ENA Air, or if you would like to purchase ENA Air for your institution, please contact one of our regional service professionals. 


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