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ENA SmartVoice GO
ENA SmartVoice GO

Today’s modern and mobile workforces need tools that enable seamless communications on the go. ENA SmartVoice Go is ENA’s mobile and desktop communications software that allows staff to stay connected by turning their cell phone or computer into their desk phone extension.

With ENA SmartVoice Go, users can access their desk phone’s features even when they’re away, including:

  • Make and receive voice and video calls
  • Access contacts
  • Listen to voicemail
  • Check call logs
  • Change call forwarding settings
  • And more
ENA SmartVoice Go Mobile

Use ENA SmartVoice Go to

Mobilize Staff

Mobilize Staff

Available on iOS and Android devices, ENA SmartVoice Go enables users to receive their business calls on their mobile device and enjoy a secure, HD-quality connection anytime from anywhere.

Stay Connected On The Move

Stay Connected on the Move

Using Wi-Fi/4G/LTE, ENA SmartVoice Go assures field staff, remote workers, traveling employees, and mobile in-office staff are reachable anytime they’re away from their desks.

Ensure Business Continuity

Ensure Business Continuity

Whether your organization is transitioning to a more remote workforce or responding to a disaster or crisis, ENA SmartVoice Go instantly equips staff with the ability to continue critical business communications and operations remotely. 

Personal Cell Phone Numbers Private

Keep Personal Cell Phone Numbers Private

ENA’s mobile VoIP solution facilitates communications while protecting privacy and confidentiality for staff as personal cell phone numbers are never revealed externally.

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