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The High Cost of Poor Connectivity

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Robust and reliable connectivity is more essential to education than ever before. For members of the K-12 community, the quality of the connection can therefore spell the difference between success and failure.

Here’s what’s on the line for your community when you choose your Internet provider


The Problem:
Without reliable connectivity in the classroom, students cannot access essential online resources or—in cases of remote students—connect with teachers conducting their classes from within a school building.

The Consequence:
Learning is disrupted and student engagement plummets.


The Problem: 
Unstable connectivity prevents administrators from managing payrolls, communicating effectively with the community, and maintaining business continuity.

The Consequence:
Distrust and frustration grow among staff members and the community regarding the district’s ability to operate efficiently.


The Problem:
Unreliable communication and an inability to access essential online resources lead parents to lose faith that the school system will meet their kids’ needs.

The Consequence:
Parents may choose to send their kids to another school.

IT Team

The Problem: 
IT teams are forced to divert their attention from other concerns and spend their time repeatedly fixing persistent connectivity issues.

The Consequence:
Not only does this lead to frustration and extra work, IT team members are pulled away from supporting the other technologies critical to virtual learning.

A Connection You Can Count On

ENA’s turnkey connectivity solutions include everything required to circumvent these issues and deliver the robust and reliable service your district needs including:

  • Expert network design
  • Fully managed equipment
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Advanced security features
  • Ongoing performance evaluation
  • On-call field engineering resources
  • AND 24x7x365 network monitoring and live support.

Discover how ENA’s solutions can bring fast, reliable connectivity to your whole community.

Approximately five years ago, ENA also became our Internet service provider. Switching to ENA not only saved us money; it also gave us the bandwidth we needed to support our students and staff. -Retired CIO/CTO W. Wesley Watts Jr., PGCPS

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