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Leveraging Your Communication Infrastructure to Benefit Every Role

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ENA SmartVoice is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based VoIP solution designed to meet the communication needs of today’s school districts. No matter your role, ENA SmartVoice will bring to light what is truly possible with a future-ready communication system.

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Modern Efficiency


The district’s technology coordinator manages a variety of disjointed and outdated phone systems throughout the district.


To streamline and simplify its communication platform, the district deploys ENA SmartVoice. The scalable, cloud-based solution eliminates the need for constant upgrades and maintenance to on-premises equipment, enabling the technology coordinator and technology team to focus on other important projects. Plus, with a phone in every room and new, enterprise-class features, faculty and staff can now easily communicate across the district.

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Simplified Billing​


Each month, the finance specialist combs through a complicated billing statement from the district’s voice service provider. The complex bills, often dozens of pages long, make it difficult to understand what services the district is paying for and track costs.


ENA SmartVoice simplifies the billing process. The solution’s customized package options and transparent, flat-rate billing make it very easy for the district’s finance specialist to review the monthly bill, saving the district precious time and money.


Dedicated Customer Support ​


The chief technology officer (CTO) is leading the charge to deploy a new, districtwide phone system, but the transition seems daunting.


From project kickoff to go-live, the CTO is backed by ENA’s team of dedicated VoIP experts. The team deploys ENA SmartVoice on-time and under budget. After implementation, ENA’s customer support engineers are available to ensure the district’s system stays up and running—24x7x365.

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Seamless Mobility ​


During recess, there is an urgent medical emergency on the playground. Without leaving the students, the school safety officer must quickly call for help.


The ENA SmartUC app extends desktop phone capabilities to smartphones, ensuring faculty and staff remain connected—no matter where they are on campus. Using the app, the safety officer can immediately contact the school nurse and other staff using a mobile phone.

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Cost-Effective Communication


The algebra teacher has prepared an online test, but several classroom laptops aren’t functioning properly. The class period is nearly over, so the teacher needs to quickly get in touch with the school’s IT staff.


ENA SmartVoice’s affordable package options make a phone in every classroom a reality. The algebra teacher quickly uses the room phone to contact IT staff members, who—thanks to the ENA SmartUC app—are reachable anywhere on campus via their mobile phones.

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Enhanced Security


The principal is asked to document the measures the school is taking to prevent and prepare for hazards and threats, like natural disasters and intruders.


The principal assures district administrators that the school uses ENA SmartVoice’s features and security enhancements, like remote access control, one-to-many intercoms, and the ability to create pre-recorded announcements, to enhance school security and prepare for emergencies. With features like these and the ENA SmartUC mobile app, the principal can quickly secure and mobilize the school in the event of a crisis.

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