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Why VoIP is Needed for 21st Century Healthcare

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You’re Slammed

As responsibilities increase and the amount of time to meet them stays the same, minimizing unnecessary tasks allows staff members to focus on more important priorities. According to IT Toolbox, switching gears throughout the day to tackle tasks like managing contacts and voicemail leads to a 40% reduction in staff productivity.

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VoIP Can Give You Your Day Back

The ease of integration and support features of a VoIP service make communications management seamless for your staff and can improve your staff’s productivity. Here are a few ways your staff can benefit from a VoIP service:

Mobility provides needed access “on the go”

With mobile VoIP capability, your staff is always reachable
on their mobile phones. Missing important calls or information
can create a lot of added work and decrease efficiency. 

Thanks to the mobility provided by many VoIP applications, staff members can stay connected by using their mobile devices to receive and make calls to and from their work extension, as well as access voicemail, call logs, and contact lists.

VoIP integration delivers significant time gains

A hosted VoIP service offers productivity-enhancing features that legacy phone systems simply cannot, and the integration of those features creates seamless, time-saving communication among your staff members.

The simple-to-configure call routing feature is easy for staff to navigate, improves staff availability to callers who need them, and decreases time spent on routing calls. And, if your goal is to eliminate time spent on routing calls, an auto-attendant feature can allow callers to self-route, freeing up time for your administrative staff to focus on other priorities.

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VoIP’s easy-to-use portal keeps your staff organized and in control

Cloud-based VoIP eliminates many of the typical limitations of a legacy phone system and provides the ability to manage contacts and communications in one customer interface tool that allows easy management of day-to-day voice services at any time.

Your staff will be surprised how easily and quickly updates and configuration can take place with an online management portal.

 A cloud-based management portal gives users the power to manage voice services instantaneously anytime from any web browser. With this offering, changing your call-forwarding settings becomes as easy as a point and click. Administrators can manage call groups, update staff names, and reset passwords, while general users can easily configure phones, view and edit contacts, and listen to or view transcribed voicemails.

VoIP’s scalability increases productivity

Cloud-based VoIP services offer simple scalability, allowing you to transition as slowly or as quickly as needed. With this hosted service, you will benefit from very low upfront expenditures. Typically, the only capital expenditures needed is the cost for the phones themselves. 

VoIP allows your organization to save time and effort that otherwise would have been spent on additional infrastructure, project management, and staffing. The saved time and funds can then be spent on other critical priorities.

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