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In 2018, ENA held its 1st annual field day, and everyone had so much fun we knew an ENA tradition had been born.
In May, ENA, TQ, and CatchOn staff members teamed up in a variety of games—including the spoon relay, trashcan ball toss, oversized darts, and more—as they vied for the highly-coveted 1st place trophy.
“Field day offers the opportunity to bring out the kid in all of us! When I first suggested doing this in 2018, I received a great response from fellow coworkers! It’s a fun way to kickoff summer,” explains Lindsey Davis, a member of ENA’s customer engagement team and chair of the Employee Events Committee. “You get to be a part of a team with colleagues from other departments you don’t interact with daily, step away from your desk for a few hours, and have fun. Plus, who doesn’t love some healthy competition?”
Healthy competition was abound with just a hint of trash talking to keep things interesting, but after it was all said and done and the points were tallied, the red team were declared the winners! Congratulations to Ruth Braun, Karen Lacey, Macy O’Neal, Brian Powers, Eric Rutledge, and Angie Veach for coming out on top.
2019 Field Day Sandbag Game

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