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Meet some team members that make our cloud-based, hosted VoIP solution—ENA SmartVoice—go!

Gabe Mccurdy

Gabriel McCurdy

Senior Voice Engineer

How do you support our VoIP solution?

I work directly with our customers and with other ENA engineers to build and manage our customers’ VoIP deployments.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part of my job is getting to know our customers, developing friendly working relationships with them, and helping them with their internal networks.

Why is it important to have a sound VoIP infrastructure in place?

Shared networks that carry voice, data, and video traffic need to be designed properly so that all traffic is sent and received with the best use of the available bandwidth and equipment resources. Setting up VoIP correctly means considering all the technologies on the network and configuring the network to work respectively for all of them.

Oh and also…

Being an ENA voice engineer is a unique role in that I am involved in a wide range of technologies that span from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to our customers’ LAN environments. Being responsible for helping make sure all these technologies work seamlessly to deliver high-quality voice calls across the entire country brings exciting and challenging opportunities. I love being able to work for ENA and with all our customers.

Josh Petro

Josh Petro

Associate Customer Support Engineer

What do you do/how do you support VoIP?

As a customer support engineer (CSE) in our CTAC, I work directly with our customers to help resolve any issues and complete any requests for our VoIP-related products. I also serve as one of the two members in our department’s Voice Task Force (VTF). The responsibility of the VTF is to serve as an escalation point for requests or incidents that may be outside the normal scope of the CTAC’s daily support functions.

What is your favorite part of what you do/working to help customers?

I’m a people person. I enjoy getting the opportunity to interact with our customers on a daily basis! This is especially true when I get to solve a complex issue or complete a large request that I know will take some weight off the shoulders of a customer.

Why is it important to have a sound VoIP service/infrastructure?

In my opinion, communication is key to almost every major aspect of life. Having a sturdy VoIP foundation is necessary to keep all of the moving parts of an organization working together.

Oh and also…

I thoroughly enjoy working for a company that is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our customers’ needs. It definitely makes all of the difference when your company’s customer support philosophy aligns with your own.

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