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ENA Intern Profiles 2020

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Austin Moore

Austin Moore, a Management student at Middle Tennessee State University’s Jones College of Business (Class of 2020), came to ENA as a sales intern. Hoping to develop his skills for a future career in business, Moore was especially drawn to ENA because of the company’s mission. “I knew I could get behind the work,” he explained.

He says his mentors have been helpful and invested in his success every step of the way. “I am thankful for my time at ENA,” he said, “and believe this company has a great culture.” 

Moore serves the MTSU community through his work in The Point, a college ministry that promotes love and service in campus life. As he looks to the future, Moore plans to use the skills he developed at ENA to build a career that will include work in many aspects of business. 

Patrick Morris

Patrick Morris, an English and Communication Arts student at Austin Peay University (Class of 2020), joined ENA’s internship program because he wants to pursue a career as either a technical writer or a business analyst. As he is also interested in programming and coding, he thought an internship at ENA would be “the perfect opportunity.” 

Working alongside Technology Analyst DeAndre Stevens, Morris has learned about ENA’s Agile process (ENAgile), Jira, and programming. With the insights he learned on the job, Morris then built documents detailing ENAgile’s distinct processes and helped evaluate our Jira programs. “My time at ENA will give me a lot of the experience needed to achieve my career goals,” he explained. 

A native of Georgia and Virginia, Morris is also an avid reader and writer. He has had too many good moments while working with ENA to have just one favorite, but he has enjoyed the people throughout his time with the company. 

Abrahim Marquez-Burns

Abrahim Marquez-Burns, an International Business & Management major at Dickinson College (Class of 2022), said he decided to take part in ENA’s internship program because the company works in “two growing industries, education and technology.”  

Shadowing Senior Product Manager Colleen Hoy, Marquez-Burns is learning the ins and outs of daily life in a major tech company. After meeting with people from several departments and learning how they collaborate on large projects, he’s developed a better sense of how effective companies operate. The best moment, he explained, “is seeing how engaged people are and how they genuinely see their work as fulfilling.”

At Dickinson, Marquez-Burns gives back to his community by serving as the Public Relations Chair for Delta Sigma Phi and working as part of the Latin American & Caribbean Club. As he looks forward to a career in sales or marketing, he is grateful for his time at ENA, from which he’s learned “what kind of workplace he would like to work in.” 

Austin Hoag

Austin Hoag, a Computer Science and Education Studies major at Vanderbilt University (Class of 2021), joined ENA’s internship program because he wanted to “gain experience in the intersection of computer science and education.”  

Under the mentorship of our Senior Product Manager Colleen Hoy, Hoag has curated EdTech apps for CatchOn and helped create the first draft of the product’s help page. He found both projects “really rewarding.” 

Hoag is a leader at Vanderbilt, serving as a head resident in a residential dorm where he mentors younger students, and as treasurer for Theta Tau, the professional engineering fraternity. As he considers life after graduation, Hoag wants to learn more about how technology can be better used to enhance education. 

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