A Conversation About Cybersecurity With Metro Nashville Public Schools

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ENA > Media > A Conversation About Cybersecurity With Metro Nashville Public Schools

The shift to digital learning is transforming today’s classrooms into collaborative, personalized-learning environments that engage and empower students in previously unimaginable ways. The influx of new technologies has unfortunately opened the door to a new wave of cybersecurity threats that can wreak havoc on an unprepared school district.

We recently sat down with John Teeter, the director of Enterprise Network Operations at Tennessee’s Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), to discuss the importance of cybersecurity in his district.

We also asked John what advice he would give to other school districts, particularly those looking for a DDoS-mitigation solution, and he focused on two main points:

  • What is your loss if an attack occurs, and how does it impact operations?
  • What is a sustainable solution/tool from the perspective of both budget and personnel?

MNPS is using ENA NetDefender, ENA’s on-demand DDoS mitigation and scrubbing service, to support its cybersecurity strategy. Click here to learn more about this valuable solution.

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