The Three Pillars of Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented demand on America’s healthcare providers. Further complicating the situation, COVID-19 has simultaneously increased the risk of infection for patients and providers alike. This combination of factors makes telehealth services essential to the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care. To fulfill this need, the department of Health and Human Services, […]

New Guide Provides Five Action Ideas for Establishing a Student Data Privacy Culture

Nashville, TN (March 25, 2020) — CatchOn, an expansive data analytics tool, has released its new guide, Establishing a Robust Student Data Privacy Culture―Action Ideas for School Districts, which is designed to provide school districts with a concise overview of federal student data privacy laws along with five action ideas they can implement in their […]

ENA Joins FCC in Pledge “To Keep America Connected”

March 13, 2020—Earlier today, the Federal Communications Commission launched the “Keep Americans Connected” pledge, which requires participating service providers to take the critical steps needed to ensure Americans stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. ENA is proud to announce that it has joined the pledge, and in doing so, is committed to ensuring the education, […]

Build a Blueprint for Student Achievement With CatchOn

Measuring the usage and efficacy of your technology investments in relation to student learning outcomes requires visibility into your class-level applications and usage. In order to personalize and enhance learning environments, districts need to see what online apps and resources are being used by their students both inside and outside the classroom. Using CatchOn’s customizable […]

Wi-Fi 6 in 90 Seconds!

Wi-Fi 6 is generating a lot of buzz in the education space and there’s a good reason why. It offers the opportunity for Higher data rates Increased capacity Improved performance in dense environments with many connected devices Improved power efficiency   While this new amendment to the 802.11 standard is certainly powerful and transformative, the […]

ENA Lends a Hand at the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children

Fannie Battle Day Home For Children Group

This fall, through our partnership with Hands On Nashville, ENA had the honor of helping the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children build out some helpful tools for teachers and students.“Fannie Battle makes such an impact in the community by serving children and families in need through affordable childcare and additional assistance programs,” said ENA […]

The Biggest Threats to Your Community’s Security

5 Scariest Threats Thumbnail

With the number of security risks threatening schools constantly evolving and expanding, it can be difficult to know which threats demand immediate action. That’s why we put together The Five Scariest Threats to Your Network’s Security.In this white paper, we spell out the threats our experts believe today pose the greatest risk–plus how to protect […]

EdTech Audit Checklist

Edtech Audit Checklist

It’s estimated that U.S. school districts now spend over 13 billion dollars a year on educational technology. With such a significant investment being made by schools across the nation, it’s imperative that education leaders possess a clear understanding of how their EdTech purchases (e.g. devices, software licenses, apps, etc.) are being used in their classrooms […]

ENA Applauds Larry Irving on His Induction into the 2019 Internet Hall of Fame

Irving Larry Speaker

ENA Board Member honored among group of visionaries and innovators instrumental in shaping today’s Internet and expanding its global connectivity. September 27, 2019 — ENA lauds the announcement of board member Larry Irving for joining the elite ranks of notable individuals who have been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for significant contributions to […]