Comprehensive and Responsive Security Solutions for Libraries

A portfolio of network security services that protect your community

Patrons Count on Your Network

Library networks are the targets of a diverse and evolving array of attacks. With so many patrons trusting library networks with their most sensitive data, a successful attack on a library network doesn’t just disrupt services, it puts patrons’ personal data and safety at risk. 

ENA’s suite of dynamic and comprehensive security defenses are designed to be strong enough to protect libraries from today’s threats, but also flexible enough to protect against emerging ones. 

Unified Threat Management

ENA NetShield UTM
Unified threat management service utilizing industry-leading architecture that enables libraries to identify and mitigate threats at the core.

Hosted Firewall

ENA NetShield
Hosted firewall service that utilizes industry-leading security architecture to mitigate threats at ENA’s core and is designed to prevent disruptions to your network.

Managed VPN

Ena Netshield VPN Logo
Managed, premises-based virtual private network (VPN) solution that pairs with ENA NetShield to keep your library community connected.

DDoS Mitigation

ENA NetDefender
On-demand DDoS mitigation service that scrubs network traffic and protects a library’s Internet connection upon detection of an attack.

Content Filtering

ENA WebSafe
Cloud-based filtering that maximizes security, provides flexible tools, and minimizes administrative burdens while keeping dangerous content out of libraries.

Mobile Content Filtering

ENA WebSafe Mobile
Mobile content filtering that enables libraries to filter mobile devices without using bandwidth when devices are off-site.

Security Assessment Services

Security Assessment Services
À la carte menu of assessment services that enable libraries to identify and address network security vulnerabilities before dangerous breaches occur.

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