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ENA is committed to helping education and healthcare communities by empowering them with solutions that help improve communication, facilitate virtual learning and telehealth programs, and track student engagement

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From all of us at ENA, we want to extend a tremendous thank you for all that you are doing to help the communities you serve. We greatly appreciate your efforts and tireless dedication.

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Video Conferencing

ENA Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom

Hosted and secure video and web conferencing service that enables distance learning, telehealth, webinars, meetings, and more.

  • Enables students and teachers to engage in asynchronous and synchronous learning through video conferencing, web conferencing, and recording tools.
  • Enables staff to participate in professional development remotely, conduct PLCs; attend staff and school board meetings
  • Enables higher education institutions to seamlessly transition to remote learning through the facilitation of live, interactive video conferencing sessions and lectures.
  • Enables healthcare organization to provide HIPPA-compliant, secure telehealth through video conferencing
  • Enables staff and patients to participate in multi-person conferences, making it easy to coordinate care among multiple providers

Wireless Services


Wireless services designed and built by expert engineers that enable organizations to provide reliable, secure, and seamless wireless access to students, staff, and patrons inside and outside the building.

  • ENA Air enables organizations to extend their Wi-Fi network coverage beyond the building to provide students and community members with access to the Internet during and outside of normal operating hours
  • LTE over EBS/CBRS enables districts to bridge the digital divide by delivering home Internet service to those students in need.

Mobile Hotpsots


Kajeet SmartSpots enable districts, higher education institutions, and libraries to bridge the digital divide by providing students with remote Internet access.

  • Schools can establish community hot spots by placing Kajeet SmartSpots on parked buses or in other public places, enabling students without home Internet access to engage in remote learning
  • The Kajeet SmartSpots enable college and university students to transition to distance learning by providing them with off-campus access to the Internet

Data Analytics

ENA CatchOn

CatchOn is an expansive data analytics tool that provides visibility into usage both inside and outside the classroom, enabling educators to track student engagement.

  • Enables educators to see when their students are engaging with their coursework, enabling educators to adjust schedules and gain better insight into overall student attendance
  • Enables administrative leaders to track apps and online tools being used on school devices outside of the classroom to ensure students and teachers are using applications that comply with student data privacy rules
  • Enables district leadership to monitor and assess the health and scalability of eLearning

Unified Communications

Cloud-based, highly reliable unified communications mobile and desktop application that offers enterprise-level features and functionality with integrated phone, messaging, and meetings.

  • Mobile cloud calling allows remotely located staff to remain connected by turning their cell phone into their desk phone extension, equipping them with the ability to make and receive phone calls, access contacts, listen to voicemail, check call logs, change call forwarding settings, and more on the go
  • Integrated instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and presence enable instant collaboration
  • Optional HD video conferencing and virtual meeting rooms keep staff connected and productive
  • ENA SmartUC helps education, healthcare, and library communities immediately transition to remote operations when needed

Audio Conferencing

ENA SmartConference

An easy-to-use, always-available system with advanced features that lets you quickly host and manage real-time conference calls.

  • An indispensable tool that enables collaboration and communication across remote organizational teams
  • Enables staff to use the following key features to provide a seamless conference call experience: Instant meetings, unlimited minutes, reliable sound quality, speed dial library, easy-to-use web interface, and recording

Fax Over IP

ENA SmartFax

Desktop/mobile faxing enables staff to send and receive faxes from their computer or mobile device, allowing them to address the needs of their education, healthcare, and library communities and maintain continuity of services while working remotely.

Cloud Storage

ENA TrustVault

Cloud-based storage solution within an industry standard API that enables users to access and manage any amount of data via a flexible interface remotely.

Enables organizations to support their escalating digital storage demands in the following ways:

  • Media Storage— Create a widely-available storage bucket to host videos, photos, music, and media uploads and downloads
  • Web Application Hosting— Easily manage, access, and deploy static websites
  • Software Application Access— Host software applications for convenient user access and download
  • Project Data Storage and Backup— Use current backup software to build a secure storage location for project resources and data points

Cloud Computing

ENA TrustCompute

Cloud computing platform that enables organizations to remotely augment their server environment with increased memory, storage, and virtual CPU resources.

  • Enables technology staff to quickly create virtual machines, rapidly deploy applications, and allocate computing resource without being onsite
  • Included extra security layer delivered via Cloudflare protects websites and applications from denial-of-service and DDoS attacks, malicious bots and other vulnerabilities

Unified Threat Management

ENA NetShield UTM

Unified threat management solution that consolidates multiple security and network capabilities into a single, co-management and reporting service that authorized users can manage remotely via the solution’s intuitive web interface.   



A trusted online learning resource supporting core and supplemental subjects.

  • Enables teachers to design specific learning pathways for students to complete at home and then assess their progress
  • Enables educators to supplement remote instruction with online curriculum and engaging content
  • Select customer data shows that BrainPOP has been one of the most highly used online resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing an 89% increase in engagement, making it a good candidate for state and district-wide adoption