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Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom


High-quality, multi-person video conferencing and collaboration made simple.

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom is a hosted, all-encompassing video conferencing and web conferencing service that requires no new hardware or network investments. This versatile, flexible, and cost-effective service seamlessly and securely integrates with any desktop or laptop computer (PC/Mac), legacy H.323 system, or tablet or smartphone device (iOS/Android/Blackberry).

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom offers high-quality, multi-person video conferencing, web conferencing, and video collaboration tools that meet the unique needs of today’s K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries. Discover how educators, faculty members, students, and library patrons nationwide are using the technology to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Accessibility and connectivity.

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom makes anytime/anywhere video collaboration a reality for your students, staff, or patrons. The solution is easily accessible via any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a connection to the Internet.

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom provides multi-point video conferencing for up to 50 participants, and it seamlessly integrates with H.323 endpoints and extends video conferencing participation to off-network guests.

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom supports large group webinars and meetings, allowing you to host 100 to 3000 viewers. Great for professional development, meetings and broadcasting events.

Connect anywhere.

K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries across the nation are using video technology to

  • Access content locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Create personal learning pathways for students
  • Connect students with content experts located around the globe
  • Establish and facilitate mentor-mentee relationships between real-life professionals and students
  • Collaborate with classrooms in other nations
  • Operate robust tele-health programs
  • Stream meetings and graduation ceremonies to community members, parents, and stakeholders
  • Archive instruction for peer review and coaching
  • Create distance learning opportunities for students
  • Facilitate peer mentoring programs
  • Host professional learning communities
  • Extend professional development reach and opportunities for staff members
  • Connect home-bound students
  • Consolidate and share resources
  • Foster communication and collaboration among faculty members and administrators


  • Group messaging
  • Ability to host webinars, large group meetings, and live stream events
  • Screen share documents, photos, applications, and video clips
  • Ability to annotate and co-annotate shared elements
  • Whiteboard functionality
  • Works with laptop and mobile device cameras/microphones
  • Ability to share keyboard and mouse control
  • iPhone/iPad screen share with iOS mirror
  • Ability to invite guests without accounts into sessions
  • Built-in “raise hand” functionality
  • Ability to manage participants and conduct polls
  • Support active panelists
  • Supports video break out rooms within a conference

Additional management features:

  • Monitor and track reports
  • Invite guests to participate even if not they are not Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom users
  • Record video conferences, meetings, and webinars
    — MP4 or M4A local recording
    — Cloud recording
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Monitor and support users
  • Customize email messages and invitations
  • Calendar scheduling integration
  • API and LTI integration

Content and Collaboration

Access a world of content and opportunity! We have suggested resources to connect you with classrooms around the world, as well as local, regional, and international subject-matter experts.

Rich Content Resources for Your Classroom

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom allows you to seamlessly connect to cultural organizations, museums, art centers, aquariums, science centers, and experts to support and enhance your curriculum. We have listed a number of database resources for you to search for content and find experts who will connect with your students.


The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) allows you to search www.cilc.org for over 1,800 interactive, teacher-evaluated K–12 video distance learning programs that are aligned with national K–12 curriculum standards and offered by more than 230 content providers from around the world. Sign up for free today and bring the world to your classroom.


Nepris connects classrooms with professionals from around the world.

The Internet2 K20 Muse website helps teachers discover educational resources, projects, and collaboration opportunities available across Internet2 and the global fabric of research and education networks.

Collaborate with Educators and Classrooms Around the World

Connect your students to peers around the world. Collaborate with educators and classrooms nationally and globally, engaging your students in dynamic conversations around global topics and curriculum projects. Here are a few resources for finding video collaboration opportunities to enhance your classroom:


The CILC Collaboration Center is the venue for educators to meet, create a collaborative project, and share their reflections. Search current and past collaborations or post your own.


Global SchoolNet and eLanguages have joined forces to offer educators iPoPP, a state-of-the-art, worldwide e-learning platform for multi-lingual, project-driven collaboration. iPoPP gives educators a supportive community and easy-to-use tools that embrace the constructivist learning methodology, project-management principles, and future-thinking strategies.


Promoting intercultural competence, Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities (IVECA) helps students communicate with one another in different cultures and countries. The program provides a virtual environment that enables students to share subject matters and socialize within the program.

Training and Support

ENA offers training around Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom’s features, as well as applications and video collaboration best practices. If you are interested, please fill out  this form.

Dedicated customer support engineers (CSEs) staff the ENA Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) 24x7x365, and they are always available for immediate customer assistance on any and all issues related to Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom. Training and support resources are available to you anytime via the ENA Help Center.

Take a Test Drive!

Use Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom for 30 days


If you would like additional information about Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom, or if you would like to purchase Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom for your institution, please contact one of our regional service professionals.


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